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5 Reasons to seek out a Registered Aromatherapist RA® EOT®

We all have access to Essential Oils, various books on Aromatherapy, and countless articles and tips online.  This leads us to the question; “Why would one opt to book a session with a Registered Aromatherapist?

  1. Education & Training. A Registered Aromatherapist in Bristish Columbia must meet the education and training requirements set out by the BCAOA and CFA. There are only a handful of recognized courses in Canada that meet these high standards.  The core curriculum covers a broad spectrum of information including chemistry, safety, toxicology, aromatherapy massage, carriers, hydrosols, blending, history, anatomy etc. In addition; one must also complete a minimum of 30 case studies. A Registered Aromatherapist must obtain a minimum of 12 continuing education credits every two years. This ensures that your RA® is educated in the most current & relevant research information in the field.
  2. Professionalism. A Registered Aromatherapist must work within the scope of their practice. They are governed by a code of ethics which means you, your rights, and your boundaries are protected. A Registered Aromatherapist must also purchase professional liability insurance. If you experience adverse reaction following the advice from someone selling oils, or from receiving a treatment with undiluted oils, there may be no recourse. A Registered Aromatherapist is responsible for all blends, treatments, and advice they provide.
  3. An array of Oils to choose. A Registered Aromatherapist is trained in a minimum of 60 essential oils. A dedicated Aromatherapist does not stop there, and continues to study, sample, blend, and test the rarest and hardest to find of essential oils.  In addition to experience and education, a RA® has spent hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars searching for the highest quality of pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade essential oils. They have a working relationship with their suppliers. They know that there is a vast difference between an oil cultivated in its indigenous regions and an oil commercially grown elsewhere.
  4. The ‘therapy’ in Aromatherapy. An Aromatherpist is trained to ask the right questions in order to create the ‘right’ blend. You can expect to spend an average of one hour with your Aromatherapist to create a unique-to-you synergy. Many aromatherapists also bring with them varying backgrounds in the Healing Arts (outside of the world of Aromatherapy). A Registered Aromatherapist is one who has discovered the benefits of essential oils, and dedicated themselves to their studies. They have seen the value of using aromatherapy to balance and promote well-being. Many practitioners incorporate oils into their practice, but a Registered Aromatherapist is one who specializes in this ever growing field.
  5. Value. An Aromatherapist’s rates vary depending on their experience, additional services, and area in which they practice. Investment is typically anywhere from $50-$100 for a one hour session and blend. This is a wise investment as you now have a Custom Therapeutic Blend that supports you, and your unique set of circumstances. You do not have to continue purchasing bottles of oils that may, or may not, provide the results you desire. An Aromatherapist knows that in the world of Essential Oils, ‘less is more’. Your blend is intended to last. Expect in rare instances, you will not be advised to use your blend ‘neat’ (undiluted) unless diffusing. You will never be encouraged to use more than you need.

You can find an aromatherapist in your area by going to the British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists and searching by your region.  

At Valley EsScentials, each and every treatment and blend is based upon the consultation with the client.  We value this time we spend with you.  We work holistically; which means we consider all aspects of the person, and choose the oils accordingly.  Each custom blend is poured on-site, and blended just for you.  We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  This means if your blend does not provide the intended results, we work with you to change or adjust the oils used, or refund the cost of the blend.

‘EsScentially You.  Science Blended with Art & Intuition.’

Sandra Detwiller, RA®, EOT®                       P23169S1207931_c_15.1

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