Subtle Aromatherapy

I recently had a client who expressed deep gratitude following her aromatherapy facial.  She explained that for her, the pressure applied to her forehead during the session had deepened the meditative experience.  One may not expect this feedback.  After all, it was ‘just’ a facial.  She went on to share that it was a combination of the music, the aromas, and; the ‘touch’.

There is energy work woven into each and every Aromatherapy session.   Our mind, body, and spirit are intricately connected.  You cannot balance one without connecting to the other.

An Aromatherapy Facial or Aromatherapy Relaxation massage is not your standard spa experience.  The entire session is based upon the consultation and the therapeutic properties in the blend.  In conjunction with the essences and healing touch, your session may include guided meditation, visualization, and/or mind-body coaching. The entire process is slow, gentle, and soothing.  It truly is a journey of the senses.  When you work with essential oils on the level of the subtle body, it is an experience like no other.

At Valley EsScentials, each and every session is unique and dependent upon the person, their goals, and what it is they choose to receive.  As an Aromatherapist, it is my main focus to choose essential oils that will assist in enabling your body’s own natural healing process.  With the correct blend, touch, and intentions, you can experience a ‘shift’.  You can achieve a great sense of balance & well-being by honouring all that is EsScentially You.


A special ‘thank you’ to a dear friend who inspired me to share.

Photo courtesy of Snickerdoodles.

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