Aromatherapy & Yoga

Take your intentions off the mat

We all have those glorious moments in our practice where we feel so connected, so present – so grounded.  We experience this heightened sense of awareness that allows us to flow through a series of poses with strength and vitality.  We move, we breathe, we accept.  Eventually, we sink into a most relaxed state – our final resting pose.  How do we take that ‘unshakable’ presence off the mat into the busy-ness of our day? Why, through the breath of course – and, with a little help from our limbic system & our most primitive sense – The Sense of Smell.  Essential oils have the potential to transport us back to ‘that place’.   Inhale, pause & re-member.

Aches and Pains

Triceps sore from Chaturanga Dandasana?  A custom massage blend can be your best friend for muscle aches, pains, and strains.  An aroma-massage can ease those tired muscles and provide a whole new level of relaxation.  Oils that are particularly warming or contain anti-inflammatory properties can provide relief (both physically and emotionally).  A holistic blend (blended for your current spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness goals) often produces the most beneficial of results.

Deepen Your Practice

Essential Oils have been used in religious & spiritual rituals; and as a meditation aide for thousands of years. When you connect to these symbols in meditation or prayer you enhance your practice.  Inhale a drop or two of Black Pepper prior to meditation to decrease ‘mental chatter’ and to summon strength and endurance.  A Sweet Fennel blend can be applied for auric protection.  Diffusing Juniper Berry can be used to cleanse and prepare a healing or sacred space. Sedating oils such as Vetiver or Cedarwood can be incredibly grounding and help to re-establish our connection with the earth. Frankincense can offer protection, deepen & slow the breath and link you to your higher-self.

Cleansing the Mat

You can even cleanse your mat, bolster or other yoga props with Essential Oils containing anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and deodorant properties.  As you mist your blend, you fill the space, and your senses with beautiful aromas – simultaneously lifting your spirts as you support the health of your mind & body (and your mat).

Meditation Sample Blend

Try Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood

Muscle Ache Sample Blend

Try Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Ginger

Yoga Mat Sample Blend

Rosemary, lemon, tea tree and grapefruit are some good choices. Try adding your favourite cleansing oils to witch hazel distillate, or purified water.  (Be sure to shake well).

How Can I Help?

What is your intention?

We often have an intention for our practice or, an intention in our life.  Areas of personal growth, or experiences we are creating.  Be guided on a scent-journey.  Allow intuition to assist you in selecting oils that honor & support your intentions.  Each essential oil carries its own unique emotional, physical, and energetic properties. When we work with essential oils on the level of the subtle body we can we can experience a ‘shift’.  Every custom blending session is unique and dependent upon you, your goals, and where you are – Here, Now, Today.

“You know why trees smell the way they do? Stars. Trees breathe in starlight year after year, and it goes deep into their bones. So when you cut a tree open, you smell a hundred years’ worth of light. Ancient starlight that took millions of years to reach earth. That’s why trees smell so beautiful and old.”

― Where I’d Like To Be, by Frances O’Roark Dowell.