Creating Ease

Creating Ease

How to begin each Day

  1. Read (or listen) to something light & inspirational.

Each morning I wake, stretch & smile.  I smile because I have a brand new day.  I smile because I am safe.  I head down to my quiet space (home office) with a tea in hand and open up a book.  Not just any book.  Something that inspires me. Something that brings me joy, hope or enthusiasm.  Something pure & beautiful.

  1. Practice Gratitude.

As cliché as it may sound… be grateful. List ALL the things you are grateful for.  Write them down, tap them out, sing them – just make sure you do it!  I believe that most of us are already very grateful.  I also believe that we can always make room for more gratitude; to go deeper.  The ups & the downs – be grateful for all of it.  “Embrace everything into love”.

  1. Set Intentions.

This is where I bring in my Essential Oils. I choose oils that support my physical, energetic, emotional goals.  Whichever oil (or oils) I choose; the process is always the same.  Inhale to receive, exhale to soften and sink deeper.  Inhale (intention/affirmation), exhale to release all attachment.  This is where I also practice surrender. I hold the intention (desire/sensation), but I release the how … and ultimately, I release the outcome. (That’s the tricky part).

  1. Movement (giving thanks to the body & how it moves).

I love to stretch.  I spent years with back/sciatic issues.  Each time I stretch my body lovingly says, “thank you!”. I give gratitude to the miracle that is the body. I keep my eyes closed – staying with the breath, the essences, the intentions.  I then head out for a walk, jog or begin a strength training workout.  This brings about clarity & focus.  It also sets the foundation for health & wellness to flow into the rest of my day.  The body is the place for transformation.

This entire process takes between 45-60 minutes.  I make the time because I see the value in doing so.  When someone says, “I don’t have time for that”, what they are really saying is, “It is not a priority for me”.   There are of course those mornings when I sleep in or have a big project to complete.  On those days I may only have 15 minutes to spend, but I do always try to take at least that much time.

When I am consistent with this practice life unfolds beautifully. Not effortlessly; but with greater awareness & ease. Challenges become catalysts for change – as they point me in a new direction.  I am more efficient & effective and handle life’s events much differently.

When I am not consistent, however, I experience road blocks at every turn. I am impatient & worried.  I become angry or frustrated. I don’t have the answers.

Beginning each day this way also reduces the effects of stress in the body.  Autonomic nervous system responses (i.e., digestion, heartrate, respiratory rate) are improved.  You can avoid (or lessen) that sense of urgency many of us experience daily.

And if all of this weren’t enough, it just feels good – it feels wonderful actually – and it moves you into alignment with all that is desired.

…. Kind of magical really.

EsScentially Yours,

Sandra Detwiller, Registered Aromatherapist (RA), Essential Oil Therapist (EOT)

Shaklee Independent Distributor

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