Fragrance Matching

Fragrance Matching.  The Playful Side of Aroma-Therapy

Fragrance Matching (in natural perfumery) refers to selecting essential oils that ‘match’ your individual personality or, inner-essence.

What are the qualities you love most about You? What qualities would you love to express? 

These ‘qualities’ (which are identified during your consultation) are matched to the emotional & energetic properties of select Essential Oils.  Guided meditation, intuitive aromatherapy, pendulum dowsing, or aromatic insight cards may also be used to create your custom aromatherapy blend.

Your oils are blended by note, odor intensity & appropriate dilution percentages to produce the most desirable results.

You can wear your ‘signature scent’ with Love; knowing that while it is beautiful, it is also good for your Health.

Inspired by Nature,

EsScentially You.  Science Blended with Art & Intuition

Having a hard time identifying what you love most about yourself?  You’re not alone.  I believe that as women, we have become almost hard-wired to focus on all of  the things we’d love to change, fix, or ‘do better’. 

An Aroma-therapy Session is also an opportunity to ‘let go’ of limiting beliefs.  Self-Acceptance. Self-Love. Unconditional Love. Mmm, how Divine.

Sandra Detwiller

Registered Aromatherapist™/Essential Oil Therapist™/Woman on a Journey