Aromatherapy Sessions

Natural Pain Relief, Relaxation & Well-being.

Holistic Solutions for: Stress and Stress Related Conditions; Depression; Insomnia; Headaches, Migraines; Muscular Aches & Pains; Colds & Flu; Circulation/Lymphatic; Digestive Concerns; Menstrual Problems, PMS and Menopause.

Sessions via phone, email & zoom (video call). Mobile (in-home) Consultations Available Upon Request.


“It is time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind.”

Luxury Aromatherapy Blends & Treatments for Women
Aromatherapy Facial ~ Luxe Edition
Nourish your skin in ultra rich carriers & highest quality Essential Oils.  Includes detoxifying Solar salt treatment for legs & feet; Shoulder, neck, arm & hand massage.  Energy. Transformation. Relaxation.  By Appointment at Vernon Reflexology/Arise Wellness 250.503.6717

Pure Essential Oil Blends ● Personal Inhalers ● Mists ● Massage Oils ● Pulse-Point Blends

Intentions Blends
Blending Ritual & Practice
What are your Intentions?  What are you Manifesting? Share your dreams & desires and I will create for you a Custom Blend. A tool to use on your path & in your practice.  Includes Oil profiles, directions for use & affirmations. Session available via phone, online or onsite.

Holistic (Therapeutic) Blends
Includes complete health history & detailed view of your personal wellness goals. A custom Therapeutic Blend designed Just For You. (detox oils available upon request)