Aromatherapy Sessions

Natural Pain Relief, Relaxation & Wellbeing.  Unique Aromatherapy Experiences Created Just-for-You.

Aromatherapy is safe & effective in the treatment of many conditions both physical and emotional including: Stress and Stress Related Conditions; Depression; Insomnia; Headaches, Migraine; Muscular Aches & Pains; Colds & Flu; Circulatory Problems; Digestive Problems; Menstrual Problems, PMS and Menopause.

Energy Healing (Subtle Aromatherapy)

Create a Unique-to-You Blend that harnesses your intentions & supports you along your  journey.  

Session may include one or more of the following: Intuitive Blending; Guided Meditation; Reiki; Scent Journaling; Chakra Balance; Aromatherapy Insight Cards

60 Minutes $59    90 Minutes   $75 (Distance Options Available)

Mobile Sessions 60 Minutes $79    90 Minutes $95

Aromatherapy Facial (Includes Relaxation Massage)

Bask your senses & your skin in a custom blend of 100% pure & natural carriers & essential oils.  (Treatment includes clays, carriers, hot towels, floral waters, solar salts). 

During your facial you may choose to experience one (or all) of the following: hand, arm, abdominal, leg & foot massage. Aromatic massage incorporates strokes from: Traditional Swedish massage, Acupressure, Lymph Drainage, Shiatsu, and Reflexology

60 Minutes $59    $90 Minutes 75

Mobile Sessions 60 Minutes $79    90 Minutes $95

Custom Therapeutic Blending 

Session includes complete health history as well as current health (emotional/physical) circumstances & personal wellness goalsYour custom therapeutic blend(s) will include guidelines & instructions for home use.  Sessions available onsite, phone & zoom (video call). Consultation: Approximately 30 minutes

$25.00 plus cost of the product.

 100% Guarantee on all Products & Services. No relief? Not satisfied? Will re-blend or refund. Aromatherapy


Services may be Combined

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