Auras Energy & Light

“…I was wide awake! I’d done it – hooray! Millie was a phoney!  The ‘aura’ thing had been a fluke after all!”

My daughter & I lay in her bed one evening.  She was reading to me from her book, The Tale of Emily Windsnap (a book about mermaids – of course).

“Mom, what’s an aura?”, she asked.

I didn’t go dive into a deep metaphysics discussion.  (I’m not sure I understand most of that ‘stuff’ anyway). What I did say is that we all have an energy field around our body that radiates from within.  Some people say that they can see it.

“Can you see it mom?”

The truth is that I have been able to see auras since I was a little girl.  (I just assumed that everyone could). Not always, but often – I see a white light around people.  If I don’t try to name it, and I stay focused & relaxed, it begins to change.  The edges of the physical body soften, the light expands and may change color.

When I was young, my mother & I would sit in prayer and/or silence for long periods of time.  When we would open our eyes, we would both see a soft green, comforting glow fill our apartment.  It is the same glow I often see in the faces of young children.

The most beautiful auras & energy are found in Nature – trees, mountain, open spaces – orbs, sparkles, light.

Sometimes energy looks like waves; like the heat coming off the road on a hot summer day.

Maybe it’s my eyes playing tricks on me.  Maybe its not.

In subtle aromatherapy, Essential Oils are believed to work within, heal, expand or repair the auric field. During a session, I often see an area of the body that may benefit from energy work. The blanket might look blurry, or I will see more light concentrated in one area. I allow any visual changes or cues to guide my hands during energy & bodywork sessions.

To see an aura, I suggest not trying.  Relax, soften your gaze and ask yourself, “What do I see?”.  You may see something. You may not.  Either way, by stopping, relaxing, & noticing – you will become more mindful, grounded & present; which is something we could all use a little more of.

Essential Oils & the Aura. 

Auric protection – Sweet Fennel. Apply a diluted blend to palms.  Rub hands together & slowly move hands over entire body (hovering just above the body).

Light – Bergamot.  I love this oil in a spritz.  Mist around the body to create a sensation of light energy, cheer, removal of anything heavy & dark.

Cleansing – try Grapefruit & Juniper.  Rids ‘toxins’ from mind, body & soul.

We know that energy is in constant motion.  I would imagine that our world looks very different from how our senses allow us to perceive it.

Aromatically yours,


Sandra Detwiller, RA/EOT