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Balance.  What does it mean (feel like) for you?

Imbalance.  What does it mean (feel like) for you?

A couple of years ago, I took a business course.  I was excited to grow & eager to learn.

Problem & SolutionWhat is the problem?  How can I (or my product) be the solution?

My answer was, Balance. I help others create more balance in their lives”.  When I shared this response, I was asked to be more specific.

Ok  “Balance in Life. Balance between Work & Play. Balance of Mind, Body, Soul.”

Hmm. Nope.  I was prompted to really consider what exactly Valley EsScentials offered.

“Well, it depends on the person”.  (No. This wasn’t right either.)

We reviewed what people were most often seeking relief from in my field.

“Headaches. Stress. Digestive Health. Stress. Difficulty Sleeping. Stress. Not feeling Grounded. Stress. Anxiety. Stress.”   Do I mention the ‘Love’ or ‘Prosperity’ blends here? No. I better leave those for now.

After much back-and-forth discussion, I came up with ‘Natural Pain Relief’.  I think we were focusing mostly on migraines?  It still wasn’t great.  I was told to keep working on it.

I did keep working on it and every time I changed the language on my brochures, website or interactions into what I thought people were looking for, or into something more ‘specific’, it didn’t feel good.  Something was missing. I was missing.  I was focusing on the properties of Essential Oils & not necessarily on how I incorporated them into my practice.  I am a holistic Aromatherapist.  I use Essential Oils to Balance Mind Body & Soul.   

There was nothing wrong with the course I took and there is nothing wrong with marketing & advertising.  I did learn & grow from the experience.  I just never quite figured out how to sum up ‘exactly’ what it is I do in 30 seconds or less (and I don’t solve problems – you do).

Here’s what I do know.  I blend for, and work with people ages 2-72 (give or take a few years).  I blend for a variety of conditions, symptoms, & wellness goals.  If I cannot provide support, I refer out to someone who can.  Everything I offer most certainly does depend upon the person and – I absolutely create Love & Prosperity blends.  What would life be without a little magic?

Sandra Detwiller Registered Aromatherapist/Essential Oil Therapist/Woman on a Journey – just like you.

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