Beliefs, Thoughts & Reality

This blog post was sparked by an article that was recently shared on social media around ‘Positive Thinking’.

I don’t think that being ‘Positive’ all of the time is realistic.  There is no point in denying or resisting ‘what is’.  Sometimes, we need to just ‘sit in it’ for awhile.  But there is something to not letting it ‘stick’ to us.

Nothing You haven’t heard Before.

Our reality, is shrouded in our own personal perspective.  Thank goodness perspectives can be changed.

It makes sense to think positive. What we think is possible (or not) for our body, our health, our success, our finances, our relationships – often ‘shows up’ for us.

Thoughts & beliefs shape actions, choices & behaviour.

Actions, choices & behaviour impact opportunities, resources, relationships & life experiences.

Energetically Speaking

What we believe or how we think may not change what is happening right now, but it can affect how we ‘feel’ about it & alter future outcome.  This is so valuable when you consider self-healing.  The placebo effect is a beautiful thing.

Energy, intentions & thoughts can help plants to flourish & thrive.

With that awareness, I would say that it advisable to be selective with our energy, intentions & thoughts when it comes to what we believe to be true about ourselves & our current set of circumstances.

Can we always be positive? Should we always be positive?  It certainly feels better much of the time – if it isn’t creating more resistance.

Positive thinking may not change the number on the scale or the $ amount in the bank etc., but who’s to say it won’t tomorrow, or the next day?

I think we should be aware. Observant. Positive (grateful/open-hearted), yet never denying or supressing (or fearing) emotions or thoughts as they arise.

Ebbing & flowing.  Not ‘minding’ what is… Letting it move through – as best as you can.

Essential Oils for Transformation

I love creating essential oil blends with intention for transformation.  Whether it be around shifting thoughts, feelings, emotions or releasing & letting go.  The Aromatherapy Insight Cards are a perfect tool for helping us to create this shift. 

Freedom lives on the other side of Fear.

Nonattachment, non-judgment & letting go are all part and parcel in how we flow through life.

If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you read, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer.  This book was recommended to me for years by my dear friend Lisa Dumas.  Im finally reading it now. I can’t thank her enough for sharing this gift with me.


Aromatically Yours,


Sandra Detwiller RA EOT

Registered Aromatherapist™/Essential Oil Therapist™/Woman on a Journey