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Ladies Night-In 

Book your Home Event:

Host an intimate evening of essences, dancing & more.

A Custom Blend will be created for each guest to take home. Ideal for bachelorette parties, showers, or unique ladies night-in.

Groups of 3 or less ~ $30 per guest

Groups of 4 or more ~ $25 per guest

(Mileage over 10km)

Customize Your Event

Choose one of the following themes, or blend them together for an event that is Uniquely You.

Aroma Spa Event

Aromatherapy & Healthy Weight

Aromatherapy & Meditation

Essentials Oils and the Chakras

Smoothie Workshop (Smoothie Bar & Spa)

Create a ‘make & take’, or choose your own topic on Women’s Health….

Women in Wellness

Women in Wellness
Aromatherapy & the Mind-Body Connection.
An informal gathering of women sharing their ideas on health, wealth, relationships & everything in between.
Thursday May 25th 7:00pm
Our first topic will be on women’s health and hormones.
Contact for more information.

women in wellness sisterhood

Mobile Health & Wellness Retreats

Choose from a variety of one-on-one treatments and custom workshops from your Wellness Mobile Team.



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