Happiness & Manifesting

Happiness & Manifesting          

When I hear the word ‘manifesting’ I often associate it with visualization.

Visualization is a powerful tool. I believe it can assist in healing – seeing yourself as well, whole & complete. I believe it can help you prepare for an event, or execute a particular skill (if you walk through the process enough times in your mind). 

But what about when we use visualization to create a new reality?

‘You don’t have to visualize if you see what’s right in front of you.’ S.D.

Creation is a result of joy & inspired action.  Manifesting (for lack of a better word) does not bring you happiness. It is a result of being Happy.

Vision Boards

‘Vision Boards’ can be a fun visualization tool, however, if a vision board is filled with ‘stuff’ you believe will make you happy, does ‘not having’ those things make you sad? Does the vision board make you ‘feel better’? Does it give you hope? What if the items on your vision board never come into your experience?  Oh, here’s one – what if you acquire ‘something’ then lose it? Then what? Is your life less than perfect? Did you fail?

Absolutely not.

The Reverse Vision Board

I call this my “Reverse Vision Board”.


Rather than photos of things you would like to have, take photos of whatever is in your experience now that brings you joy. Tea cup, candles, wine, family, …. big or small. It doesn’t have to be of significance to anyone but You.

If you have a daily meditation or gratitude practice, this is a wonderful piece to incorporate.

Do not diminish the present moment by focusing on what you do not have. Look around you. S.D

Balancing Mind, Body & Soul


Sandra Detwiller

Registered Aromatherapist™/Essential Oil Therapist™/Woman on a Journey