Natural Nutrition

I recently attended an event where I leaned so much about nutrition & health. What stood out for me the most was the link between nutrition & behavior (specifically kids and ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, ODD etc.). Those who know me personally know that this is a big topic in our home.

After connecting with Dr. Sears (Pediatrician) & other wellness mamas, I believe in my heart that this is the answer for my son & healthy living for our family.

I’ve found exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Community, support, & health. I am beyond grateful.

hand in hand


I’ve always understood the link between nutrition & health, but now I have the information, tools & the  resources to really make a difference for myself, my family & so many others who are on their own amazing health journeys.

Simple. Natural. Safe.

  • Whole Food. Plant Based
  • Non GMO, NSF Certified
  • Gold Standard Research
  • Helping Families Get More Nutrition. (Children’s Health Study Here)
  • Complete Nutrition
  • Community & Support

It just makes sense. I’m an Aromatherapist. Plants are what I know, love & do best.  I know the healing power of plants and how they work in the body. Why wouldn’t I take the same approach when it comes to supplements & nutrition?

If this sounds like something that you’ve been looking for, please be sure to connect.  I’m always happy to share.


Aromatically Yours,


Sandra Detwiller, Registered Aromatherapist/Essential Oil Therapist/Woman on a Journey