“Sandra’s aromatherapy facials are an experience like no other- a relaxing facial with the added benefit of Sandra’s intuitive essential oil choices. She chooses scents not only perfect for my skin, but supportive for my life and what I’m creating. Every time I receive one of her surprisingly affordable treatments, I am uplifted and inspired for days and my skin looks so much better than it did before. I can’t recommend Sandra enough. She is a gifted aromatherapist and healer.”


“I was thinking about you this evening when I was doing my evening routine of cleaning my face. I love the difference in the way my skin looks and feels and I wanted to let you know and thank you! I don’t think my skin has felt or looked this good before and I am so happy with the products.

My blend for anxiety is working great! It makes me take the moment and focus and helps to calm me.”



I have been sleeping sooooo well this week ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since last summer sometime….. I am feeling wonderful!”


“I had my first session with Sandra today and I really feel like I turned a corner in the right direction. To say that I am in crisis is a Herculean understatement. Thank you Sandra for your nurturing expertise, kindness and generosity. I look forward to seeing you soon and will recommend you to anyone who will listen


“Wow! I had no idea how much fun it would be… Sandra blew me away: her relaxing manner, her extensive knowledge, and insightful words guided me through a deeply healing and inspiring experience. And now I have this unique & exquisite fragrance to enjoy wearing every day! I can’t believe how good it smells… I can feel it pulling me forward into this fresh new season of my life. Thank you!!!


For more on the Art of Aromatherapy, a beautiful article by Author of all things health & wellness, Alana. ~ mylucidlife.com

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