The Happiness Factor

The Happiness Factor.

“Freedom is wanting nothing more than what you have right Now.  S.D.”

I woke up one morning a few months back (literally…’woke up’) and I was just overcome with this sense of joy & freedom.  I looked around my humble home, and had this this understanding that absolutely nothing in my life needed to change for me to be happy… Now.  

Recognize that if nothing in your life ever changed (which it will….it always does) you would always be/do/have more than enough.  S.D.

Happiness is not contingent upon physical surroundings, a bank statement, a number on the scale….[insert your ‘I’ll-be-happy-when’ here].

Happiness really does come from within!  You can hear it a million different times, in a million different ways – until it clicks for you you’ll always feel like happiness is just out of reach.  When it does click for you – you’ll find that happiness is not attached to any one thing. It is a state of mind & heart and it can be cultivated in absence of whatever it is you think you need.

Lets Be Real

I am not saying that I haven’t had a crappy day since my little ‘aha moment’.  I am not always happy, but it is always there for me to choose.

Balancing Mind, Body & Soul


Sandra Detwiller

Registered Aromatherapist™/Essential Oil Therapist™/Woman on a Journey