Three Simple Questions to Living Your Abundant Life

Three Simple Questions to living Your Abundant Life

When you are living life in abundance, it just flows.  It feels right.  It feels good.  You gain momentum.  You see growth. You’re happy.  You’re content…

When you are not living life in abundance, you can feel anxious, uneasy, fearful, angry, frustrated, apathetic, resentful….

Beyond Work, Career & Finances.

Although these things are important; living life in abundance is not just about money or career.  It is about how you live every single day.  Living life in abundance, as it is intended in this case, is also about relationships, quality of thought, leisure time, day-to-day routines.

Ask yourself these 3 questions & begin living your life in abundance – today.

  1. What is my Passion?

Ask this question often.  Remember who you are & what it is exactly you desire.

Is it my dream, or is it someone else’s? 

Do I still love doing (a, b, c)?

What am I missing?

Is this bringing me joy?

Am I doing what I love?

How can I bring more of what I love most to the forefront of my experience? 

What would I continue to do if I was never paid a dime or given any recognition for it?

Sometimes we ‘forget’. We can lose ourselves in relationships and the roles we play within our home & community.  For practical reasons, we may need to put our dreams aside temporarily.  Life always ebbs & flows, and that is okay – but it is important to ‘check-in’ regularly and reflect.

Ask yourself, ‘What do I love to do?’ What inspires me? What makes me happy?

  1. What is my purpose?

We all have a purpose.  A soul purpose.  A purpose that involves ‘waking up’.  A purpose that involves the greater good.  Purpose is beyond want & desire.  Purpose is what gives meaning & life to our dreams.  Ask yourself this question and then close your eyes and sit in silence and just ‘see’ what comes up for you.  If you are really struggling with this, go back to question #1 for insight – as there is always a link between what inspires you and what your purpose might be.

  1. How can I be of service?

Unity, community, humanity.  Essentially, what is it that you could be doing for others that draws upon your passion & purpose?  Work, career, day-to-day routines, hobbies, interactions, relationships.  How can you pull what it is that you love the most in life and offer that back out as a gift back into the world?

What is my passion?  What is my purpose?  How can I be of service? Jot below each question anything that comes to mind.

Inspired Action

When you have finished your list, go back and write down some of the steps you could begin taking today to ensure that you are living your abundant life.   Make a list for your day, week, or month.  Use a day timer & schedule your action steps as you would with any other priority in your life.

Having Trouble?

Firstly, you may want to consider the obstacles that are keeping you from doing what you love. Limiting beliefs.  Self-defeating thoughts or habits….

Secondly, the answers do not come from our head, they come from our heart.  Just allow whatever comes up for you to ‘be’ and jot it down…anything at all.  Even if it doesn’t make any sense or you’re not sure. Even if it is silly or embarrassing.  Even if you don’t think it is possible.


Essential Oils can be incredibly helpful during this process.  They allow you to draw in more insight & stillness.  They enhance your ability to ‘listen’.  For example, inhaling Black Pepper can slow that ‘mental chatter’ that often interferes with our ability to focus.  Grapefruit is a clearing oil and has been said to enhance clairaudience.

Other Essential Oils to Consider:

Peppermint – Purpose

Jasmine – Passion

Patchouli – Unity, Conscious Mind

Bitter Orange – Generosity & Prosperity

Still feeling stuck? See my example here.  Remember, it is a work in progress.  It can evolve, ebb & flow.  It doesn’t have to hold meaning for anyone but you.

EsScentially Yours,


Sandra Detwiller

Registered Aromatherapist™/Essential Oil Therapist™